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Curriculum at Macarthur Primary School



Macarthur Primary School offers a curriculum which ensures a full range of educational opportunities for all our students. Small class sizes ensure that all students receive maximum teacher attention. Browse our curriculum page to see the opportunities offered to our students.

Mini blue jigsaw Literacy

All students at Macarthur PS have two hours of literacy education every day including reading, writing, speaking and listening. Our infant grades follow an Early Years Literacy approach to the teaching of literacy. Progress of students is closely monitored by teachers to ensure teaching is at the point of individual student need and success is experienced by all students.

The CAFÉ Menu has been introduced across the school this year to assist the development of reading strategies and ensure a consistent whole school approach to literacy development.

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Mini green jigsaw Numeracy


Teachers at Macarthur Primary School believe that the development of numeracy skills and understandings is of major importance in the education of our students. All students experience one hour of numeracy teaching and learning every day.

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Mini yellow jigsaw ICT

Students at Macarthur Primary School have access to up to date technology to support learning in all curriculum areas.
Interactive whiteboards are a feature of all classrooms allowing all students access to the latest in ICT learning opportunities.

All classes have been fitted with new computer systems and laptops are available for use in our middle and upper grade classrooms. In 2013 a new bank of iPads have been added as a shared resource. Students use ICT to support learning in all curriculum areas. Students in grades 4, 5 , and 6 have personal netbooks which enables ICT to be an integral part of all learning areas. A highly skilled staff is committed to ensuring our children are prepared for the world of the future.

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Mini red jigsaw Spelling Programs


A strong feature of the school is the Spelling Mastery spelling program which runs daily in small needs based multi-age groups across the school.

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Mini pink jigsaw Integrated Units


Teachers plan units of work each term which integrate learning in many areas of the curriculum. Teachers plan together across the school to develop engaging content for topics which are relevant to the students at Macarthur.

Integrated Unit Topics over the past six years.

2007 Units2008 Units
Term 1 - Learning to LearnTerm 1- Learning to Learn
Australian AnimalsWater Saving
Term 2- SpaceTerm 2- Recycling
Term 3- Author StudyLife Education
Term 4- Macarthur Our Past and Present:Term 3- Olympics:
150th Anniversary of MacarthurLiteracy Focus
 Term 4- Koorie Education
2009 Units2010 Units
Term 1 - Learning to LearnTerm 1 - Learning to Learn
Minibeasts Friendship
Term 2 - Human BodyTerm 2 - Endangered Australian Animals
Animation Being a Consumer
Term 3 - Space Term 3 - Recycled Materials
Author Study Author Study
Term 4 - AustraliaTerm 4 - Australian History
2011 Units2012 Units
Term 1 - Learning to LearnTerm 1 - Learning to Learn
Life Education Being Safe and Happy
Term 2 - Edible PlantsTerm 2 - Our Community>
Term 3 - Author Study Term 3 - The Olympics
Term 4 - Camp FocusTerm 4 - History. 4/5/6 "Gold Rush",
2/3 Local History,
Prep/One "Flagstaff Hill- The Olden Days"
2013 Units2014 Units
Term 1 - Learning to LearnTerm 1 - Learning to Learn
Term 2 - The Environment
4/5/6: The Weather
Gr 2/3 "Water"
Prep/1 Minibeasts
Term 3 - Social History:
Local Food and recipes.
Term 4 Camp Themes. School Concert.

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Mini purple jigsaw Music


A music program is provided weekly for all students. During 2008 a major feature was the introduction of ukuleles in our classroom program for older students.

During 2011 the school was involved in the PING music program in partnership with the Melbourne Soundhouse.

A music tutor is also available weekly to provide specialised music tuition in a range of instruments.

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Mini hot pink jigsaw Art


Macarthur Primary School has a visiting art specialist with a highly talented art teacher running our visual arts program. Visit our Art Gallery under "Student Work" to view a range of student work.

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Mini teal jigsaw Physical Education


Weekly lessons in Physical Education are provided for all students with skill development a focus of this program. Children are exposed to a wide range of sports and skills through the Physical Education Program. Sessions are also provided by visiting sports clinics. During recent years children have experienced extra activities run by local sporting associations including golf, bowls and basketball. Older students are also offered opportunities to participate in district sporting programs and competitions including Kanga 8 Cricket and Hoop Time Basketball.

All children participate in our school swimming program each year conducted at the local Macarthur pool. Lessons are conducted by Austswim trained instructors.

All students also participate in local athletics sports days with other local schools. Opportunities are available for children to participate in competition at district and zone level.

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Mini deep orange jigsaw Library


The MARC mobile library service visits the school every two weeks with a trained teacher- librarian running library lessons for all children. Children have access to borrowing books through the service. Macarthur Primary School also has its own well stocked library for student use.

Corangamite Library Service

During 2007 Macarthur PS became a host for the Corangamite Library Service for the local community. Students, parents, staff and members of the wider community have onsite access to the Corangamite Library Service at Macarthur PS. This is now housed in our new library building which was completed in 2008.

Corangamite Library Opening Times

Wednesday: 1:00pm - 5:00pm

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Mini deep blue jigsaw LOTE


Students participate in at least 5 lessons of LOTE (Languages Other Than English) every term. The focus is upon exposure to different cultures and languages. During 2011 students are studying French with a focus on an introduction to basic French language.

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Mini deep green jigsaw Kitchen Garden Program / Environmental Science


During 2011 the school introduced a Kitchen Garden Program. Students participate in gardening, cooking and science programs related to gardening . This is a new program and is being supported by parent volunteers. The program runs over 3 week blocks throughout the year at least once each term and involves all students in the school.

In 2013 the garden has been linked to an Artist In Schools Project where artist Becky Berger is working with our grade 4,5,6, students in a project inspired by our local environment. The Kitchen table Art Project is running in terms 2 and 3 2013. The project will complete a "Light Chamber Observatory", a sensory archway which will form the entry to our school vegetable garden.

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