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Parent Involvement at Macarthur PS


Macarthur Primary School believes that education is a partnership between the school and home and encourages parent involvement in many school programs and activities.

Mini blue jigsaw Reading

Parents are involved daily in assisting with reading at Macarthur Primary School. Each day at 8.45am all classrooms are buzzing with activity as parents assist with daily reading to give our students the regular practice that young readers need to succeed.

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Mini green jigsaw Clubs


During term 3 each year parents volunteer to run a series of Clubs activities for students. Small groups of students work with parent and community volunteers to experience a range of craft, art and sport activities. The Clubs Program is very popular with students and gives parents and grandparents an opportunity to share their skills with the children.

Clubs Activities run over the past 3 years.

Bread MakingTennis
Woodwork: Pencil BoxesBoard Games
Pom Pom PeopleGlass Jar Decoration
Gods Eyes/WeavingCooking
 Tile Mosaics
 Woodwork: Planter Boxes
 Candle Decorating
Cooking: Alphabet PancakesCooking with pastry
Tie DyingWoodwork
Darts and HookeyCraft
Sewing PuppetsDance
Cooking: Pizza Wheels 
Collage Pictures 
Wooden Picture Frames
Cooking: BiscuitsGardening: Ange Jones, Pauline Cowland
OrigamiMosaics: Tamara Hardy, Nikki Belleville
Woodwork: wooden puzzlesDance/Aerobics: Jodie Nichols, Chrissie Tischler
Bird feedersCraft: Marita Petersen
CraftTennis: Macarthur Tennis Club
KnittingCooking: Leonie Dyson, Leonie Margrie
 Craft: Sue Logan
Cooking: Leonie MargrieActivities to be determined
Gardening: Ange Jones, Nikki Belleville 
Craft: Sue Logan 
Exercise/ Dance: Jodie Nichols 
Photography: Coral Shepherd 
Board Games: Jullie Timms 
Card Making: Lei Kelly 
Archery: Sponsored by Mac Web Service 

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Mini yellow jigsaw Sports

There are many opportunities for parents to be involved in sports events at Macarthur primary School.

Athletic Sports
Each year we hold a House Athletics Sports day and parents assist in running events and the whole school participates in a picnic lunch attended by many proud and interested grandparents, relatives and family friends.

Athletic Training
In preparation for athletic sports days parents assist in weekly training sessions for students to assist them develop skills in both the track and field events. Our students benefit from the skills and experience of parents within the community. Since 2011 this has run every Wednesday afternoon and has supported by up to 8 parents each week.

Swimming Carnival

The school Swimming Carnival is held each year in first term at the local Macarthur swimming pool. This is a highlight of our school swimming program with a BBQ for the community, water games and races for all students ensuring a fun day for all. The final event of the day is the traditional parent v student swimming relay which is always highly contested by both teams.

District Swimming Sports

During 2012 and 2013 Macarthur hosted the District Swimming Sports for the SGSSSA. Students from 6 rural schools combined for an event held at Macarthur Pool. A band of committed parents and community members assisted staff in running these very successful events.


The Auskick Program runs each year in term two and is run by trained parent volunteers. This is a popular program with students and parent helpers are welcome.

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Mini red jigsaw BBQ


At the end of each term a family BBQ is held for all students and families are invited to share our lunch. This is an opportunity for parents to meet at the school, catch up together and meet informally with teachers. BBQs are also a feature of our working bees which are well supported by the community.

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Mini pink jigsaw Macarthur Cup


A tradition of Macarthur Primary School is the battle for the Macarthur Cup. On the last day of each term the parents and students compete for the honour of holding the Cup. Games in recent times have included T.Ball, netball, kickball and soccer. The games are always looked forward to by parents and students. A great fun end to the term.

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Mini purple jigsaw Excursions


Throughout the year students attend a range of excursions and camps. Parents are often involved and offered the opportunity to assist with supervision for many of these events.

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Mini hot pink jigsaw Canteen


Our school canteen operates 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays offering students the option of ordering lunch on these days. Parent volunteers are organised on a roster to run this service for the school. All canteen volunteers have a current Working with Children Check.

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Mini teal jigsaw School Council


Macarthur Primary School has an active School Council which gives excellent support to the school. Meetings are held at the school on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 7.30 pm. Parents are invited to nominate for School Council membership when elections are held in March each year.

School Council Membership 2013
PRESIDENT: Richie Belleville
SECRETARY: Darren Hilliard
TRESASURER: Leonie Dyson
(Parent Representatives)
Leonie MargrieLynn Lyles (Principal)
Richie BellevilleRachel Thomson
Peter MussonDarren Hilliard
Anna Wortley 
Rob Addinsall 
Des Purcell 
Lei Kelly 
Brian Nield 
Colin Petersen 
Leonie Dyson 

Leonie Dyson, Lynn Lyles, Sylvia Luke, Peter Musson, Richie Belleville

Brian Nield, Colin Petersen, Richie Belleville
Des Purcell, Rob Addinsall

Leonie Margrie, Lei Kelly (M.P.A)

Lei Kelly, Leonie Margrie

Darren Hilliard, Lynn Lyles, Rachel Thomson, Jacinta Mulder, Christine Unger.

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Mini deep orange jigsaw Macarthur Parent Association (MPA)


During 2010 the Macarthur Parent Association reformed after many years in recess. The group meets every month the week before school council. Any interested parents are welcome to attend. One member of the MPA is represented on School Council.

MPA Office Bearers 2013
President: Lei Kelly (SCR)
Secretary: Nikki Belleville
Treasurer: Tamara Hardy

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