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Student Relationships at Macarthur PS


The development of positive and caring relationships is an important aspect of the educational environment at Macarthur Primary School.

Mini blue jigsaw School Tone


Visitors to our school often comment on the way our school "feels" when you walk around. The tone of the school reflects the culture of respect and caring which underpins the community values which are an integral part of Macarthur Primary School.

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Mini dark orange jigsaw Buddies


During the year the school uses a "buddies" approach for many activity sessions. This is an opportunity for older students to buddy up with a younger student and assist them with activities such as art/ craft sport or technology.

This assists with building of relationships across the school as the students develop understandings about the needs of others. It also assists students to feel good about themselves as they spend time assisting others and sharing their skills.

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Mini green jigsaw Peer Tutoring


The system of students as teachers of others is a very successful approach used at Macarthur Primary School. Peer tutors who have developed skills in certain areas work with other students to teach skills. This is very successful in the area of technology where students readily share their skills and act as tutors to others.

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Mini yellow jigsaw Restorative Practices


Macarthur Primary School is committed to using a Restorative Practices approach to student welfare. Restorative Practices is based upon developing relationships and understandings of how what we do impacts upon others. It aims to help us reflect upon our behaviour and repair the harm our actions may have caused to others. It is currently being successfully introduced in schools across Australia and in many other countries in the world.

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Mini red jigsaw Student Leaders


The development of leadership skills is encouraged at Macarthur Primary School and we aim to give all students leadership roles as they progress through the school.

All grade 6 students take a leading role in our school.

School Captains

There are two school captains whose role is to run the weekly assembly, act as a spokesperson when visitors attend the school and to represent the school at formal community occasions such as Anzac Day.

Junior School Council

There are three office bearers of Junior School Council. Their role is to organise and run Junior School Council Meetings for representatives across the school.
JSC Positions include President, Vice President and secretary.

Junior Red Cross

Students are also able to become members of Junior Red Cross. The focus of Junior Red Cross has been for students to become involved in activities which benefit others and donations of funds has been made to the Red Cross over past years. Students develop an awareness of the needs of others through membership of Junior Red Cross.

House Captains

Macarthur Primary School House Captains are responsible for organising teams for house sport events. They are elected each year by students from our two houses, Eccles (Yellow) and Napier (Purple). A major role for House Captains is the organisation of games for our House Athletics Sports Day during term 1.

Other Leadership Roles include School Reporter/ Photographer, and Library Assistants.

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Mini pink jigsaw Monitors


Children are encouraged to be responsible members of our school community by our school monitor system. Children fulfill many roles across the school to help our school operate smoothly for the benefit of all. Roles include ringing the school bell, flying the flag, organising lunch orders and watering the vegetable garden.

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Mini purple jigsaw Transition Programs


Transition programs are run each year for pre school students prior to entering our school. A strong relationship exists between Macarthur pre School and Macarthur primary School. Students visit our school regularly during the year to attend performances and experience activities at school. Students are familiar with our school environment prior to entering school and settle in readily to school each year. A parent information session is held each year in term 3 for prospective parents.

Grade 6 students are also offered a well planned transition program. Visits by year seven coordinators and students are held at the school during the year to meet with and talk to grade 6 students about transition issues.

Since 2009 all grade 6 students have attended a camp at Dunkeld with grade 6 students from other small schools which assists with relationship building and student confidence.

Students also attend their proposed secondary college during term 4 for orientation sessions.

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