Macarthur Primary School


Macarthur Primary School

School Profile

Macarthur Primary School is a small rural school located in the Western District of Victoria.


In 2024 a total of 24 students are enrolled at Macarthur Primary School . Our school staffing profile consists of a Principal with a 0.8 EFT teaching load and 2 other classroom teachers. The school is supported by a 0.6 Business Manager with  a 0.1 Welfare Role, and two part time  Educational Support  members.


Our curriculum has a strong focus on  concise and responsive teaching in a Stimulating Learning Environment in both Literacy and Numeracy. We prioritise teaching to each student’s  individualised  point of need.  We offer a specialist program consisting of weekly Science and Phys Ed sessions provided by internal staff. Students are also provided with weekly music and library lessons through a visiting music specialist and the MARC Van (Mobile and Arts Resource Centre)


Macarthur  Primary School has a restorative approach to student wellbeing.  Restorative Practice is based upon practices for building and restoring positive relationships. The quality of relationships that have been developed through the provision of our caring and supportive learning environment gives our school a calm, orderly and positive atmosphere for children and staff